A Conference with a Touch of Mardi Gras

Symposium. Conference. Workshop. Retreat. When we hear these words, we tend to think of large, uninviting rooms filled with rows and rows of chairs, where we sit quietly with a notepad, listening intently while someone in the front of the room talks about our profession—where it is now, where it’s going, and how we can be more successful in it. There’s a break for lunch where we can finally stretch our legs and make some awkward chitchat with our colleagues. Then it’s back to the rows of chairs for some more lecturing.

Sure, we may be acquiring valuable information, but are we actively engaged? Or even remotely stimulated? Or having anything that resembles fun?

It’s no secret that people who enjoy their work tend to be more prosperous and fulfilled, so that’s our primary goal at the Networker Symposium: Helping you develop your craft as a therapists in an atmosphere of  fun, intellectual adventure, and excitement.

With interactive workshops, lively and well-respected presenters, numerous networking opportunities, and a front row seat to psychotherapy’s hottest developments and latest debates, the Networker Symposium is anything but an impersonal professional gathering. Did we mention there’s a dance party, too?

Check out our Symposium Fever video and get a feel for what it’s all about. We hope to see you there (with or without your dancing shoes)!

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