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Advances and Challenges in the Clinical Applications of Brain Science Today

Bruce Ecker, Steve Andreas, Courtney Armstrong, & Amy Banks • SATURDAY MORNING

Steve AndreasCourtney ArmstrongAmy Banks

With the vocabulary of neuroscience so widely invoked in our field, this Forum will explore the actual practical impact brain science is having on clinical practice today. Continue reading

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525 Resolving Regret

Steve Andreas • Saturday Afternoon
location: calvert room

Steve AndreasNo one makes all the right choices all of the time, and when our decisions don’t turn out how we’d wished, we’re usually able to address or rebalance our sense of regret. However, this is not always a simple, independent process. Continue reading

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604 The Many Faces of PTSD

Steve AndReas • Sunday All Day

Steve AndreasOver the years, PTSD has become a catch-all label applied to anyone who’s haunted by the memory of a disturbing event. But contrary to popular misconceptions, PTSD isn’t a single entity, nor does one type of treatment fit everyone. Continue reading

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