Mary Jo Barrett

123 The Ethically Attuned Therapist

Mary Jo Barrett • Thursday All Day

Mary Jo BarrettThe ethical rules for therapists used to be unambiguous: no gifts, no self-disclosure, no dual relationships, no out-of-session contact, and, of course, no sex. But today the rules against boundary violations aren’t so straightforward, nor do the old prohibitions always seem clinically useful. Continue reading

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216 Flash Forum on Trauma


Advances and Challenges in Trauma Treatment Today

Donald Meichenbaum, Mary Jo Barrett, John Briere, Janina Fisher • Friday Morning

This Forum will offer fresh perspectives on how our basic understanding of trauma has developed since PTSD first became accepted as official diagnosis 30 years ago. Continue reading

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409/509 Customizing Trauma Treatment

Mary Jo Barrett • All Day Saturday

Mary Jo BarrettNo two traumas are identical—which accounts for the abundance of interventions and approaches that exist. But given the many strategies to choose from, how do you assess which therapeutic style or technique is best for your client?
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