Flash Forums

Flash Forums

Flash Forums bring together the leaders in various practice specialties to offer compelling TED Talk-style presentations about the most relevant cutting-edge developments in an atmosphere of lively dialogue and collective exploration.

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216 Flash Forum on Trauma


Advances and Challenges in Trauma Treatment Today

Donald Meichenbaum, Mary Jo Barrett, John Briere, Janina Fisher • Friday Morning

This Forum will offer fresh perspectives on how our basic understanding of trauma has developed since PTSD first became accepted as official diagnosis 30 years ago. Continue reading

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316 Flash Forum on Couples Therapy


Advances and Challenges in Couples Therapy Today

DAVID SCHNARCH, Pat Love, Harville Hendrix, Helen LaKelly Hunt & Terry Real • Friday Afternoon

In this Forum, each participant will respond to the question “What’s the most important new idea or discovery shaping your practice with couples today?” Continue reading

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416 Flash Forum on Brain Science


Advances and Challenges in the Clinical Applications of Brain Science Today

Bruce Ecker, Steve Andreas, Courtney Armstrong, & Amy Banks • SATURDAY MORNING

Steve AndreasCourtney ArmstrongAmy Banks

With the vocabulary of neuroscience so widely invoked in our field, this Forum will explore the actual practical impact brain science is having on clinical practice today. Continue reading

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8:30 AM Sunday Future View


Charting Psychotherapy’s New Horizons

BEssel van der Kolk, Barbara Fredrickson & Daniel Siegel • SUNDAY MORNING

Barbara FredricksonDaniel Siegel

Our Sunday program, modeled on TED Talks, features three addresses on critical questions shaping psychotherapy’s future. Continue reading

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