124 Navigating the New DSM-5

Martha Teater • Thursday All Day

Martha TeaterThe recent introduction of DSM-5–the most important revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 20 years–requires clinicians to make various changes to the way they assess and diagnose clients. Continue reading

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323 Unlearning Social Anxiety

Margaret Wehrenberg • Friday Afternoon

Margaret WehrenbergSocial anxiety may be the most difficult anxiety disorder to treat, but the latest advances in the neurobiology of motivation and fear elimination are opening up new clinical possibilities. Continue reading

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414/514 Combined Anxiety and Depression

Margaret Wehrenberg • Saturday All Day

Margaret WehrenbergAnxiety and depression are the most common of presenting symptoms and present a special challenge when they co-occur in the same client, which they often do. Caught in a mix of anxiety and depression, different clients require different approaches, Continue reading

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519 How Therapy Can Enhance Psychopharmacology

Frank Anderson • Saturday Afternoon
LOCATion: Suite 300e

Frank AndersonThere’s a missing link in psychopharmacological treatment that goes beyond matching the client to an effective medication. This link involves exploring the client’s relationship to, and negative or positive feelings about, being on medication. Continue reading

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522 Yoga Meditations for Anxiety

Amy Weintraub • Saturday Afternoon
LOCation: Capitol room

Amy WeintraubWhile mindfulness meditation has become widely used to help remedy mood dysregulation and attentional problems, many people—particularly those with trauma histories—are just too agitated to tolerate sitting quietly and watching their breath. Continue reading

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605 What’s New in Psychopharmacology?

Frank Anderson • Sunday All Day

Frank AndersonWith so many controversies about the effectiveness of psychopharmacological interventions, and so many seemingly contradictory research findings, now’s the time to confront questions about best practices. Are antidepressants any better than placebos? Continue reading

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611 The Enigma of OCD

Susan Osofsky • Sunday All Day

Susan OsofskyTreating obsessive-compulsive disorder often challenges therapists’ usual way of approaching clients. Not only does talk therapy generally not work to alleviate ritualized repetitive behavior, it can actually lead to an increase in symptoms. Continue reading

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