7:00 PM Saturday Dinner Event

Connections: A Journey Through Dance • Glade Dance Collective

Glade Dance Collective

This evening’s performance of “Connections” by the Glade Dance Collective will investigate how, in this digital age, we seek resonance and relationship with each other.

While language is crucial to our ability to make sense of ourselves and the world around us, dance offers its own alternative vocabulary for expressing feelings and meanings that can’t be put into words.

Using the collaborative process of group choreography, the Glade Dance Collective is devoted to illuminating the day-to-day experience of modern life through dance and the use of the human form as a creative instrument. This evening’s performance is an investigation into how, in this digital age, we seek resonance and relationships with each other. The inspiration was the answers that a wide range of respondents offered to a set of fundamental questions about their sense of both isolation and belonging, including:

  • Does technology deepen or lessen your sense of relatedness with others?
  • What communication medium do you most often use to reach out to your personal network?
  • How does the physical experience of yourself vary depending on your degree of social isolation or connection?

The Glade dancers have a quarter millennium (yes, 250 years!) of dance experience and come from a diverse range of backgrounds. What they all share is a commitment to inspiring people from all walks of life to move, connect, and experience the rewards of their own creative journey.

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