Trauma and the Unspoken Voice of the Body • Peter Levine

Peter Levine

Bestselling author and developer of Somatic Experiencing, Peter Levine will demonstrate how to integrate a bottom-up somatic approach with top-down behavioral processing in holistic therapeutic work.

Among the first to fully realize that humans have an innate psychophysiological capacity for overcoming trauma and recovering physical and emotional wholeness, Peter Levine developed Somatic Experiencing, a simple yet profoundly effective mind-body healing technique. He’s received the lifetime achievement award for his contributions to healing trauma from the United States Association for Body Psychotherapy and for his contribution to child psychiatry from the Reis Davis Chair.

The author of several books, including the ground-breaking bestseller Waking the Tiger (published in 24 languages), Levine incorporates into his work a vast store of knowledge in the fields of brain research, evolution, animal ethology, indigenous healing rituals, and body-oriented psychotherapy. As Diana Fosha has written, “Levine systematically and engagingly initiates us into the ways of the body and the nervous system that animates it: how it works, what makes it tick, how to make friends with it, how to understand it, how to communicate with it, and how to treat it and release it from the hold of trauma.”

Approved for one hour of CE credit.

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