623 The Next Step: Taking Symposium Home

Stine Clasen • Sunday ALL DAY
LOCATION: Suite 400E

Stine ClasenDon’t let the energy and inspiration of the Symposium fade before you have a chance to truly integrate your new ideas and insights into your life and work. Through a dynamic group process and the application of our latest understanding of how the human brain learns, this experiential workshop will help you maximize the Symposium’s practical benefits.

You’ll explore how to:

■ Use group interactions, cognitive strategies, and mindfulness practices to highlight the most meaningful elements of your Symposium experience

■ Heighten your own motivation for change as you learn how to take better control of a personal change process in your life

■ Commit to a concrete vision of how exactly you plan to implement new ideas and possibilities and find the ongoing support to maximize your transformational potential.

Stine Clasen is a consultant at the Department of Children and Youth in Aarhus, Denmark. She’s a specialist in mediation and innovation and is involved in initiatives to build capacity among teachers and mental health workers throughout Denmark.

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