615 Getting Through to Hard-to-Reach Families

John Brendler & Micheal Silver • Sunday All Day
locatioN: council room

John BrendlerMicheal SilverWe’ve all felt a sense of incompetence, or even panic, when trying to reach highly challenging families that have complicated and traumatic life histories. In this workshop, you’ll learn effective tools for engaging with these families using your personal qualities of curiosity, tenacity, and integrity in engaging with the family. You’ll discover how to:

  • Take charge of the therapeutic context rather than attempting to control family members’ symptoms and behaviors
  • Experiment with creative ways to engage families, including eliciting their hidden competencies and disrupting symptomatic cycles by engendering acceptance and disorientation
  • Embrace the anxiety and aggression triggered in you during the process of helping family members more effectively channel their own highly intense emotions

John Brendler, MSW, ACSW, is the former associate clinical director of the Child and Family Inpatient Service of the Philadelphia Child Guidance Center and coauthor of Madness, Chaos, and Violence: Therapy with Families at the Brink.

Michael Silver, MD, is clinical associate professor at the medical school of the University of Pennsylvania and coauthor of Madness, Chaos, and Violence.

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