614 Beyond Trauma

Deany Laliotis • Sunday All Day
location: EMBASSY ROOM

>Deany LaliotisWhile EMDR is best known for its treatment of trauma, it has developed into a comprehensive psychotherapy approach that treats a broad spectrum of presenting issues across various clinical populations.  Learn about using EMDR in your practice. This highly effective, evidence-based approach can treat a wide range of problems, from single traumatic events to self-esteem issues and complex trauma.  Using a tape of a case study, we’ll explore how to:

  • Identify nodal experiences that are shaping, not only client’s current symptoms, but their lives and identity
  • Focus on the predominant themes in clients’ lives that underlie their current difficulties
  • Integrate  the adaptive information-processing model of EMDR with whatever model of therapy you are currently using

Deany Laliotis, LICSW, is a trainer, clinical consultant, and practitioner of EMDR. She’s on the faculty of EMDR Institute, Inc., and is the codirector of EMDR of Greater Washington.

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