613 Young Guys and Boomer Dudes

Isaac Garfield & Robert Garfield • Sunday All Day

Isaac GarfieldRobert GarfieldTherapists often don’t pay attention to the distinct challenges faced by men of different generations. While younger men mostly struggle with parenting and financial pressures, older men are usually concerned with aging, retirement, and loneliness. In this workshop—led by a father-and-son therapist team—you’ll explore:

  • How Friendship Labs can help men from different age cohorts mentor, teach, and support each other and the basics of how to set one up
  • New developmental challenges faced by men of different generations, how these present in therapy, and how to address them
  • How group interventions, meditation, and mindfulness techniques can help men better develop emotional intimacy skills

Robert Garfield, MD, codirects family therapy training in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania. He’s written and presented extensively on men’s issues. His forthcoming book is Inside the Friendship Lab.

Isaac Garfield, LCSW, is a clinician in private practice in Philadelphia. He’s on the faculty of the Deepening Men’s Relationships Conference at Widener University and presents on the topics of men, friendships, and mindfulness for a variety of institutions.

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