611 The Enigma of OCD

Susan Osofsky • Sunday All Day

Susan OsofskyTreating obsessive-compulsive disorder often challenges therapists’ usual way of approaching clients. Not only does talk therapy generally not work to alleviate ritualized repetitive behavior, it can actually lead to an increase in symptoms. This workshop will explore the cognitive distortions underlying OCD and effective techniques for treating clients who struggle with these types of anxiety-related disorders. You’ll learn:

  • The brain structures and chemicals present in OCD and spectrum disorders
  • The best methods for assessing the severity of cases and planning treatment
  • How to lead clients through the exposure process that allows them to endure the momentary anxiety of not doing the ritual repetitive behavior and restructure their thinking

Susan Osofsky, LCSW, is in private practice in Richmond, Virginia. She specializes in treating anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and trauma. She’s on the faculty of The Institute for Advanced Psychotherapy Training and Education in Baltimore, Maryland, where she trains therapists in the treatment of anxiety disorders and OCD.

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