609 When the Therapist Gets Triggered

Lisa Schwarz & Ron Schwenkler • Sunday All Day
location: SUITE 200E

Lisa SchwarzRon SchwenklerTrauma work can be intimidating for therapists, especially when it triggers their own fears. This resilience-building workshop will give you tools and resources to prepare you for the inevitable challenging moments in trauma work. Through demonstrations and interactive exercises, you’ll master resourcing techniques by learning how to:

  • Tune into your triggers and develop a more acute awareness of what activates your flight, fright, or freeze reflex
  • Use specific eye positions to anchor into your neurophysiology the resource states when you’re at risk of being triggered
  • Ground yourself and get back on track within the therapeutic session through strategies such as breathing exercises, nurturing internal parts, and somatic mindfulness

Lisa Schwarz, MEd, a licensed psychologist, has been treating complex PTSD and dissociation for 27 years. She’s the creator and developer of The Comprehensive Resource Model and Resource Brainspotting.

Ron Schwenkler, MFT, LPC, has 18 years of experience treating adolescents and families in wilderness, residential, and outpatient settings. He’s currently a doctoral student at the University of Denver and a Brainspotting trainer.

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