607 Who’s Afraid of Group Therapy?

Halcyone Bohen • Sunday All Day
location: FORUM ROOM

Halcyone BohenDespite its affordability and clinical advantages, relatively few therapists offer ongoing therapy groups within their practices. This workshop will address the challenges that can discourage therapists from starting groups and how to overcome them. Through discussion and role-play, you’ll learn how to:


  • Assess clients’ suitability for a group and motivate them to participate
  • Handle transitions as people enter and leave a group
  • Help members tune into their own feelings, thoughts, and sensations and mindfully share their observations of others in the group
  • Offer leadership that creates safety, establishes a focus on strengths and constructive feedback, and reinforces positive norms

Halcyone Bohen, PhD, is in private practice, specializing in individuals, couples, families, and long-term group therapy. She’s on the faculty of the George Washington University Medical School.

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