529 Erotic Recovery from Affairs

Tammy Nelson • Saturday Afternoon
lOcation: suite 215e

Tammy NelsonAfter an affair, couples face the difficult challenge of reestablishing their erotic connection. This workshop will focus on ways to help couples create sexual empathy and increase erotic communication, even in the wake of betrayal and hurt.



You’ll gain an understanding of a three-phase strategy, which establishes a path to erotic recovery:

  • Crisis Phase–helping couples hone coping skills to manage the intensity of emotion around disclosure and discovery of the affair and deal with traumatic symptoms that can prevent reconnection
  • Insight Phase–using narrative therapy for deeper understanding of causal factors, while decreasing ego projection and blame and improving sexual self esteem
  • Vision Phase–moving couples into new, explicit, realistic agreements about the boundaries governing fidelity in their relationship and a shared vision of erotic connection based on hope and excitement for a sexually intimate future

Tammy Nelson, PhD, is a board-certified sexologist, a certified Imago therapist, a licensed professional counselor, and the author of Getting the Sex You Want and The New Monogamy.

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