527 Five Challenges of Stepfamilies

Patricia Papernow • Saturday Afternoon
location: SUITE 400e

Patricia PapernowThe term blended family obscures the deep challenges to attachment and intimacy many stepfamilies experience. We often see parents and stepparents in conflict over discipline, differences in family cultures, and struggles with ex-spouses. We see children overwhelmed with losses and loyalty binds, struggling with all the changes in their lives. This workshop will deepen your understanding of these challenges as well as three levels of interventions to address them:

  • Psychoeducational interventions that offer evidence-based information about what works and what doesn’t for surviving the stresses and building thriving relationships
  • Skill-building interventions that help clients learn how (and when) to say difficult things to each other
  • Interventions that explore how old family of origin issues can be triggered by the stresses of stepfamily life

Patricia Papernow, EdD, is consultant and therapist focusing on stepfamily relationships. She’s a lead trainer for the National Stepfamily Resource Center and the author of Surviving and Thriving in Stepfamily Relationships: What Works and What Doesn’t and Becoming a Stepfamily.

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