525 Resolving Regret

Steve Andreas • Saturday Afternoon
location: calvert room

Steve AndreasNo one makes all the right choices all of the time, and when our decisions don’t turn out how we’d wished, we’re usually able to address or rebalance our sense of regret. However, this is not always a simple, independent process. This workshop will focus on resolving regret that looms so large it leads to distorted thinking and interferes with living in the present.


  • Explore the two-sided nature of regret: over things that we didn’t do, versus things that we did do, and how “what if” fantasies play out both consciously and unconsciously
  • Identify the role of regret in depression, anxiety, ruminative states, and other presenting problems
  • Learn specific techniques to resolve regret, including visualizing “what if” scenarios, mapping and juxtaposing the real with the what-might-have-been outcome, balancing positives and negatives from both scenarios, exploring possible corrective options, and working with perspective over time

Steve Andreas, MA, has been learning, teaching, and developing brief therapy methods for over 45 years. His books include Virginia Satir: The Patterns of Her Magic, Transforming Your Self, Six Blind Elephants, and Transforming Negative Self-Talk.

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