524 The Therapist’s Attachment History

David Wallin • Saturday Afternoon
location: governor’s boardroom

David WallinAttachment research has taught us that childhood-based attachment patterns deeply affect patients’ relationships, including the one they have with us. Yet we can be unaware of how our own attachment histories shape our therapeutic relationships. In this workshop, we’ll address the enactments that arise when the therapist’s attachment history patterning interlock with the patient’s. Through deepening awareness of such enactments, you’ll have the opportunity to increase the effectiveness of your work. You’ll also gain insight into:

  • Four attachment-based patterns of enactment therapists fall into with clients: collision, collusion, mismatch, or collaboration
  • The use of self-monitoring questions to help recognize how your attachment history shapes your work
  • How to turn your trauma history into a source of insight and inspiration
  • How to use mindfulness and mentalizing to recognize enactments and resolve impasses

David Wallin, PhD, has lectured on attachment and psychotherapy in Australia, Europe, Canada, and throughout the United States. His acclaimed book, Attachment in Psychotherapy, is being translated into nine languages.

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