523 Postmodern Marriage and Commitment

David Treadway • Saturday Afternoon
LOCATION: Roberts pdr room

David TreadwayIn this age of sexual experimentation, gender identity fluidity, and dissatisfaction with traditional marriage, therapists often encounter couples whose attitudes towards commitment, fidelity, and intimacy may be quite different from their own.
In this workshop, we’ll explore a variety of contemporary living arrangements including polyamory, open marriage, marriages with negotiated fidelity contracts, and couples in which one partner has come out or is transgender.

We’ll include such issues as how to help couples:

  • Negotiate new forms of relationship and consider the benefits and costs of their chosen life style
  • Consider the impact of their relationship choice on children and other stakeholders
  • Benefit from interventions such as therapeutic separations and intensive couples retreats

David Treadway, PhD, director of the Treadway Training Institute, is the author of Home Before Dark: First Year with Cancer and Intimacy, Change, and Other Therapeutic Mysteries.

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