521 Couples Sculpting – CANCELED


Peggy PapP • Saturday Afternoon

Peggy PapWhen couples reach an impasse in therapy, breaking through can require a new definition of the problem and a new language with which to discuss it. Couples Sculpting is a therapeutic technique that helps couples go beyond words to provide physical representations of what’s happening in their relationship.
Through demonstrations, videos, and case histories, you’ll learn how to use this experiential technique to transform stalemates into forward momentum.

Specific strategies include:

  • Using metaphor, symbolism, and fantasy to gain a different conception of what needs to change
  • Moving clients away from intellectualizing about their impasse toward a physical enactment of their relationship narratives
  • Identifying different issues and layers of difficulty highlighted by the enactment
  • Molding new narratives and metaphors that allow growth and change

Peggy Papp, LCSW, SW, is the director of the adolescent project at the Ackerman Institute for the Family. She’s a cofounder of the Women’s Project in Family Therapy, author of The Process of Change, editor of Couples on the Fault Line, and coauthor of The Invisible Web: Gender Patterns in Family Relationships.

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