519 How Therapy Can Enhance Psychopharmacology

Frank Anderson • Saturday Afternoon
LOCATion: Suite 300e

Frank AndersonThere’s a missing link in psychopharmacological treatment that goes beyond matching the client to an effective medication. This link involves exploring the client’s relationship to, and negative or positive feelings about, being on medication. This workshop will demonstrate how to apply Internal Family Systems therapy to exploring—rather than ignoring—these attitudes, and how doing so will have a major impact on the success of both the medication and the psychotherapeutic process.

You’ll find new ways to:

  • Work with different parts of the client’s self to identify and clarify attitudes toward medication
  • Distinguish between the biology of the psychiatric symptoms that medications treat and the psychological domain of feelings
  • Examine psychological factors that may affect the client’s attitude toward taking medication, such as stance toward authority, fear of becoming dependent on medications, or fear of losing symptoms

Frank Anderson, MD, is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist in private practice. He’s the chairman of the Foundation for Self Leadership and a supervisor at the Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute.

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