518 Soothing the Traumatized Adolescent

Martha Straus • Saturday Afternoon
LOCatioN: suite 200e

Martha StrausIs it time to rethink the “timeout” as a disciplinary practice for out-of-control adolescents? Although the purpose of this widely accepted technique is to give misbehaving kids a few minutes by themselves to reregulate their emotions, many oppositional, traumatized adolescents don’t know how to soothe themselves or reregulate their emotions.

This workshop will present an approach called coregulation—a way of “loaning” adolescent clients your limbic brain to help them learn to regulate. You’ll become familiar with:

  • Modeling and mirroring techniques that adolescents can incorporate to calm and soothe themselves on their own
  • Specific down-regulating strategies such as teaching kids how to breathe more slowly, be more mindful, work with their hands, or write things down
  • Up-regulating techniques, including increased body awareness, that teach emotionally suppressed teens how to express and embrace their feelings

Martha Straus, PhD, a professor in the Department of Clinical Psychology at Antioch University New England, is the author of No-Talk Therapy for Children and Adolescents and Adolescent Girls in Crisis: Intervention and Hope.

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