430 Four Core Skills of Couples Therapy – CANCELED

Jill Harkaway • Saturday Morning

Jill HarkawayToo often couples therapy is practiced as if it were individual therapy with two clients in the room. In fact, working with couples presents a distinct set of challenges for therapists, independent of skill level, experience, and approach.This workshop will teach you how to identify and negotiate each of the four major challenges specific to couples therapy:

  • Managing sessions and creating change in the room rather than simply having a conversation
  • Staying aligned with each partner simultaneously without getting triangulated
  • Identifying the complex unarticulated reasons for pursuing therapy
  • Identifying aspects of the larger context that influence the couple’s dynamics, such as children, family of origin, lovers, other therapists, and sociocultural issues

Jill Harkaway, EdD, is director of training in Couple and Family Therapy at the Cambridge Health Alliance, and a faculty member in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. She is also codirector of the Harvard Medical School Conference on Treating Couples.

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