429 Hearing the Body’s Truth

Daniel Leven • Saturday Morning

Daniel LevenEvery therapist has had the experience of listening to clients who return week after week, recycling the same fundamental narrative over and over. Increasingly, we’re discovering that real therapeutic progress can occur quite dramatically when we help clients shift their attention from their habitual stories to their somatic experience of their body’s truths.

The three-step somatic process you’ll learn in this workshop can be used in conjunction with just about any therapeutic approach. It’ll allow you to:

  • Access the important information that lives within the muscles and organs of your client’s body
  • Help clients connect emotion to an immediate, in-the-body felt sense
  • Bring support and validation to your client’s body-centered emotions by empathically hearing what their physiology is saying
  • Invite the body not only to speak out, but also express what it most deeply needs

Daniel Leven, MPC, RSMT, is founder and director of the Leven Institute for Expressive Movement and a faculty member at the Hartford Family Institute’s professional training program in Body-Centered Gestalt Psychotherapy.

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