415/515 The Myth of “Resistance”

Clifton Mitchell • Saturday All Day

Clifton MitchellYou know you’re facing resistance when your client shrugs or mumbles “I don’t know” to most of your questions and seems terminally bored. Ditto when therapy seems to be at a dead-end and you feel insecure, incompetent, frustrated, and even angry. In this highly practical workshop, we’ll explore what resistance looks like in a variety of clinical situations—and how to know when your own clinical missteps might be adding to the problem.

You’ll learn an approach to resistance based on these principles:

  • Slowing the pace to allow time for thoughts and feelings to emerge
  • Seeking more detail and moving from broad strokes to specifics in understanding a client’s presenting complaints
  • Finding the client’s emotionally compelling reason to change rather than accepting the initial reasons given for coming to therapy

Continued with workshop 515.

Clifton Mitchell, PhD, is a professor at East Tennessee State University, where he received the Teacher of the Year award in 2002. He’s the author of Effective Techniques for Dealing with Highly Resistant Clients.

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