413/513 Trauma and Trance

Ronald Alexander • Saturday All Day

Ronald AlexanderTrauma lives in our bodies and minds—and so does healing. This workshop will provide tools for shifting clients away from the frozen high-alert state that results from trauma and activating the healing-conducive parasympathetic nervous system. We’ll explore how the combination of Ericksonian hypnosis and mindfulness methods can help clients re-regulate their affective experience from negative states to those of comfort and safety.

Specifically, you’ll learn the following three trance and mindfulness techniques:

  • Age regression, which helps clients safely move into the past to understand how current symptoms fit into the context of their history
  • Age progression, which helps clients reimagine a desired future and move into it
  • Peak state, which teaches clients to create a heightened sense within themselves that gives them greater access to their capabilities for power and transformation

Continued with workshop 513.

Ronald Alexander, PhD, a psychotherapist and international clinical trainer, is the executive director of the OpenMind Training Institute in Santa Monica, California, and the author of Wise Mind, Open Mind.

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