405/505 Removing the Masks

David Schnarch • Saturday All Day

David SchnarchIt’s an article of faith among many therapists that bad behavior in troubled relationships stems primarily from good intentions gone wrong. But rather than being triggered by fear, shame, or insecurity, people often knowingly do hurtful things to gratify their own needs, wishes, and agendas. Thirty years of neuroscientific research on “mind-mapping”—most people’s ability to map and manipulate another person’s mind—reveals how much therapists underestimate its impact in family relationships.

In this workshop on the clinical application of mind-mapping processes, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify clients’ mind-mapping abilities, particularly where Asperger’s Syndrome is a possible diagnosis
  • Challenge clients early in therapy to expose their games and allow their best self to come out
  • Turn destructive relationships into collaborative alliances

This session will continue with workshop 505.

David Schnarch, PhD, director of the Crucible Institute, is the author of Intimacy & Desire, Passionate Marriage, and Constructing the Sexual Crucible.

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