404/504 Where Have You Gone, Tony Soprano?

William Doherty • Saturday All Day

William DohertyThe death of Sopranos actor James Gandolfini felt to many therapists familiar with the complicated clinical relationship between Mafia don Tony Soprano and his psychiatrist like the passing of a cherished and difficult client. Indeed, the main screenwriters were veterans of psychotherapy, and one of them revealed that a subtext of the series was “the moral emptiness of contemporary psychotherapy.”

Be prepared to watch some powerful video clips as we explore such issues as:

  • The limits to traditional “values neutral” psychotherapy and how to bring the craft of moral consultation into treatment
  • In a world of hyperindividualism, how to talk to clients about behavior that’s morally questionable without presenting ourselves as judgmental
  • How to serve as advocates for stakeholders in a client’s life who are not present in the therapy room

Note: This workshop fulfills many state-board requirements for training in ethics and risk management.

This session will continue with workshop 504. 

William Doherty, PhD, is a professor and director of the Minnesota Couples on the Brink Project at the University of Minnesota. His books include Take Back Your Marriage and Take Back Your Kids.

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