323 Unlearning Social Anxiety

Margaret Wehrenberg • Friday Afternoon

Margaret WehrenbergSocial anxiety may be the most difficult anxiety disorder to treat, but the latest advances in the neurobiology of motivation and fear elimination are opening up new clinical possibilities. In this workshop, you’ll delve into specific techniques for helping clients to understand the source of their shame and expand their participation in social, academic, and occupational activities.

You’ll learn:

  • How the components of “shame trauma” can make it difficult for clients to let go of social fears
  • Strategies for helping clients “unlearn” their social fears, including the creation of “safe” experiences for trying out social skills
  • Breathing techniques and imagery that help clients calm themselves when they experience anxiety symptoms
  • Ways to encourage clients to build on their social successes to help them go out into the world and be more interpersonally effective

Margaret Wehrenberg, PsyD, is the director of curriculum development for the Candeo Behavior Change online program on Anxiety and Depression Management. An international trainer of mental health professionals, her new book is Anxiety + Depression: Effectively Treating the Big Two Co-Occurring Disorders.

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