320 Changing the Conversation – CANCELED


Ron Taffel • Friday Afternoon

Ron TaffelWe create ourselves daily through conversation and the resulting patterns at the heart of our sense of self—our attachments, traumas, and temperament. That’s why it’s important for therapists to challenge their clients’ conversational patterns. For clients who repeat the same old dialogue week after week, this can have a remarkable impact and on transforming their thinking, relationships, and behavior disorders.

Using transcripts and case examples, this workshop will offer concrete guidelines on how to:

  • Identify conversational patterns most central to your patient’s ingrained dysfunction
  • Explore ways to challenge those patterns without losing the therapeutic connection
  • Look at ways to handle your patient’s emotional intensity (and your own anxiety) when these changes cause disruption in the consulting room
  • Discuss how to evocatively (and safely) use your personal reactions as a fulcrum of change.

Ron Taffel, PhD, the chairman of the board of the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, a not-for-profit training and treatment center in New York City, is the author of eight books and nearly one hundred articles on therapy and family life.

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