317 Neuroplasticity in Couples

Mona Fishbane • Friday Afternoon

Mona FishbaneWhat can advances in our understanding of brain science teach us about how to help couples caught in hurtful, reactive habits and old survival strategies? In this workshop, we’ll explore how an understanding of neuroplasticity can help clients step outside their automatic, habitual thoughts to become authors of their own relationships rather than victims of each other.

We’ll focus on:

  • Identifying a couple’s vulnerability cycle and the neurobiology fueling the cycle
  • Helping couples rewrite their script in keeping with their values and goals
  • Distinguishing among four levels of empathy and how to use different levels to shift a couple’s dance
  • How to enhance neuroplasticity through physical activity and focused attention

Mona Fishbane, PhD, is a psychologist and director of couple therapy training at Chicago Center for Family Health. She presents nationally and internationally on couples and neuroscience and is the author of the book Loving with the Brain in Mind: Neurobiology & Couple Therapy.

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