230 Closing the Deal

Robert Taibbi • Friday Morning

Robert TaibbiHowever we may try to resist the idea, we’re in the therapy business, and the reality is that our initial contact with clients represents the same challenge faced by salespeople seeking to turn shoppers into satisfied customers. As with any responsible salesperson, your goal is to help clients feel safe and well-served and to determine whether there’s a match between what they want and what you can offer.

This workshop will help you more easily determine:

  • Each client’s particular vision and goals for change or insight
  • Their expectations for therapy, including duration of treatment and price
  • How to best establish rapport with special attention to nonverbal cues
  • How to address client concerns, counter their reservations, and reach agreement

Robert Taibbi, LCSW, trains people nationally and internationally in the areas of couples, families, brief therapy, and clinical supervision. He’s in private practice in Charlottesville, Virginia, and is the author of many articles and 5 books, including the recent Boot Camp Therapy: Action-Oriented Brief Approaches to Anxiety, Anger & Depression.

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