228 Joining with Your Millennial Couples

Pat Love • Friday Morning

Pat LoveThe patterns of couples’ relationships—dating, mating, cohabitation, monogamy, matrimony—have changed so drastically over the past 20 years that much of what seems perfectly normal to millennials often seems strange to boomers.
Many boomer therapists, in fact, wonder how routine millennial mores can promote stable, satisfying relationships in the first place. In this workshop, we’ll discuss clinical strategies for helping these clients in ways that don’t require them to revert to traditional relationship styles that seem baffling and nonsensical to them. You’ll  learn:

  • The two common stages of love that are reflected in different relationship arrangements and how millennials manage the transition from one to the other
  • The specific problems, sexual and emotional, younger clients are more likely to experience
  • How to help millennials better understand what they really want from their relationships and how to achieve it within the framework of their own lifestyle choices

Pat Love, EdD, a relationship consultant and marriage and family therapist, is the coauthor of Hot Monogamy and How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It.

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