221 Healing From Infidelity

Michele Weiner-Davis • Friday Morning

Michele Weiner-DavisIf you work with couples, you’re probably no stranger to the clinical challenge of helping partners heal from infidelity. Using vivid video examples, this workshop will provide a comprehensive roadmap of the difficult territory ahead,
with a focus on the complex, zigzag nature of the road to recovery, where progress can be marked by setbacks from week to week and even within the therapeutic hour.
We’ll address an array of issues that may come up for the therapist helping post-affair couples, including:

  • Whether to discuss the details of the betrayal
  • Whether to give an ultimatum to end the affair
  • How to help partners begin to rebuild trust
  • How to address questions about ongoing dishonesty
  • How to coach couples through a structured yet flexible healing process

Michele Weiner-Davis, MSW, is the director of The Divorce Busting Center in Boulder, Colorado, and author of several bestselling books, including The Sex-Starved Wife, The Sex-Starved Marriage, and Divorce Busting.

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