219 Pacing and Leading

William Doherty • Friday Morning

William DohertyIn psychotherapy, as in dancing, pacing and leading are the most important factors of success. The pacing sets the rhythm for connection and safety that allows the therapist to begin to lead the client through more challenging steps towards change. This workshop focuses on ways to effectively use these fundamental tools to achieve larger therapeutic goals.

Together, we’ll:

  • Identify common errors in pacing and leading that result in impasses, such “yes, but . . . ” responses, clients not softening, low energy, and going around in circles
  • View and discuss video clips from the cable series In Treatment, which will provide plenty of vivid and provocative examples of what works and what doesn’t in therapy
  • Learn craft techniques for getting unstuck, regaining rhythm and progress in your use of self, and asserting leadership in stuck cases

William Doherty, PhD, is a professor and director of the Minnesota Couples on the Brink Project at the University of Minnesota. His books include Take Back Your Marriage, Take Back Your Kids and Family Therapy with Susan McDaniel.

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