216 Flash Forum on Trauma


Advances and Challenges in Trauma Treatment Today

Donald Meichenbaum, Mary Jo Barrett, John Briere, Janina Fisher • Friday Morning

This Forum will offer fresh perspectives on how our basic understanding of trauma has developed since PTSD first became accepted as official diagnosis 30 years ago. Each presenter offers a 20-minute presentation in the compelling TED Talk style followed by the opportunity for further exchange and exploration with the audience.

Deany Laliotis


Donald Meichenbaum

What Really Works in Trauma Therapy
Searching for Commonalities among the Acronym Therapies

Mary Jo Barrett

Whatever Happened to Family Therapy?
Recovering Our Systemic View of Trauma

John Briere

Treating Multiply Traumatized Youth
An Evidence-Based Approach to an Overlooked Treatment Population

Janina Fisher

Addictions and Trauma
Addictions as both the Problem . . . and the Solution

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