213/313 Healing Complex Trauma

Christine Courtois • Friday All Day

Christine CourtoisTreating clients suffering from the multilayered impact of complex trauma—such as abuse or family violence—can be the most challenging and baffling work we do. This workshop will offer an overview of advances treatment for complex trauma across the lifespan, addressing clinical issues such as:

  • Dissociation, alexithymia, and self-harm
  • Impulsivity, aggression, and self-medication
  • Relationship and attachment issues in adults, including patterns of repeated interpersonal betrayal
  • Depression and grief reactions

This session will continue with workshop 313.

Christine Courtois, PhD, ABPP, is a psychologist in private practice in DC and  National Clinical Trauma Consultant for Elements Behavioral Health, Promises/Malibu. She’s an author of a number of books on trauma treatment and chair of the APA PTSD Guideline Development Panel.

Julian Ford, PhD, originally scheduled to co-present this session has had to cancel, is professor of psychiatry at the University of Connecticut and director of the Child Trauma Clinic and Center for Trauma Recovery and Juvenile Justice. He’s the author of Treatment of Complex Trauma: A Sequenced Relationship-based Approach.

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