211/311 The Language of the Emotional Brain

Courtney Armstrong • Friday All Day

Courtney ArmstrongIt takes more than logic, kindness, and support to drive the brain’s creation of new neural pathways that fire up the healing process. Since cognitive behavioral interventions often fail to penetrate persistent feelings of shame and unworthiness that fuel self-destructive behaviors, this workshop presents an alternative approach to therapy that’s fast-acting and based on neuroscience research.
You’ll discover how to:

  • Use provocative techniques to get the full attention of clients whose brains are otherwise hijacked by their negative emotions
  • Speak the language of the emotional brain, emphasizing attunement with your client, simplicity, and attention to responses you want the client to repeat
  • Become a provocative guide, creating experiences that trigger clients’ curiosity, sense of play, and desire to know more

This session will continue with workshop 311. 

Courtney Armstrong, LPC, trains mental health professionals in creative techniques for healing trauma and is the author of Transforming Traumatic Grief: Six Steps to Move from Grief to Peace.

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