204/304 The Transformational Encounter

Hedy Schleifer • Friday All Day

Hedy SchleiferGiven all that we’ve learned about relational neurobiology and the power of empathic resonance, how can we help couples learn to better attune to each other, develop deep listening, and achieve emotional and spiritual connection?This workshop will explore Encounter-centered Couples Therapy (EcCT), a pragmatic new therapy involving a step by step process for helping couples expand their capacity for visiting each other’s emotional worlds.

You’ll learn how EcCT allows you to:

  • Concentrate on couples’ inherent strengths rather than on their problems and restore couples’ original connection even with such difficult challenges as recovery from relational exits
  • Guide couples to develop skills that go beyond the art of dialoguing and deepen body, mind, and spiritual attunement, creating long lasting, safe, and authentic connections as well as profound relational transformation
  • Help couples experience a relational model that entrusts and empowers them to create deep emotional and intellectual connections
  • Integrates ancient wisdom and cutting-edge neuroscience, such as memory reconsolidation therapy, into a cohesive and holistic model of couples therapy

This session will continue with workshop 304.

Hedy Schleifer, MA, LMHC, is an internationally known couples therapist and clinical trainer. She’s the founder of the Tikkun Learning Center, an educational institution through which she trains, supervises, and consults therapists in EcCT.

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