202/302 Brain Change

Amy Banks • Friday All Day

Amy BanksClinicians must be able to translate what they know about brain science into practical techniques for helping clients change and heal. In this workshop, you’ll learn exercises to help clients strengthen four important neural pathways used to form healthy human connection.


In the C.A.R.E. Program, these neural pathways are represented by:

  • Calm — the role the smart vagus nerve plays in the social-engagement system
  • Acceptedness — the role the anterior cingulate gyrus plays in alerting you to the dangers of being socially excluded
  • Resonance — the ability of the mirror neuron system to help you accurately read another person’s actions, intentions, and feelings
  • Energy — the motivation that comes when the dopamine reward system is engaged in healthy human connection

This session will continue with workshop 302.

Amy Banks, MD, is the director of advanced training at the Wellesley Center for Women, Wellesley College. She’s a former instructor in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and coeditor of A Complete Guide to Mental Health for Women.

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