122 Breathing for Your Life

Jessica Dibb & Jim Morningstar • Thursday All Day

Jessica DibbJim MorningstarWe live, therefore we breathe–but few of us are aware how to use the way we breathe to help us regulate our emotional state, relax our over-stimulated brains, increase our energy, and improve our physical health and spiritual awareness. In this daylong exploration, we’ll go through a range of breathing exercises that can help you enter into deeper states of consciousness and improve your creativity. You’ll learn:

  • Why changing your breathing can change your perceptions
  • Specific integrative and circular breathing practices to help free you from emotional blockages
  • Belly-oriented breathing, which tones the parasympathetic nervous system, and heart-centered breathing, which can heal deeply and cultivate nonordinary states of awareness

Jessica Dibb is founder and spiritual director of Inspiration Community. For over 25 years, she’s created workshops for healing the mind/body/spirit and awakening consciousness in all stages of the lifespan form.

Jim Morningstar, PhD, is the founder and director of Transformations Incorporated, the School of Integral Psychology, and the Transformations Breathwork Training Program. He’s been a breathwork trainer since the 1970s.

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