121 Creative Body, Creative Mind

Daniel Leven • Thursday All Day

Daniel LevenOur minds tend to follow our bodies, whether we’re feeling tense and heavy or energetic and light. Since we spend so much time listening to our client’s troubles, it’s not surprising that we sometimes feel our creative juices drying up and our capacity for feeling joy, happiness, and inspiration diminishing.

In this workshop–where all fitness levels are welcome and absolutely no dance experience is necessary–you’ll:

  • Engage in creative exercises that free the body, rouse the spirits, and engage the emotional brain
  • Awaken your soul as you dance to infectious Latin rhythms, pulsing African beats, and wild Balkan melodies
  • Discover how music and movement can enhance your capacity for intuition, empathy, and effectively processing information

Daniel Leven, MPC, RSMT, is founder and director of the Leven Institute for Expressive Movement and a faculty member at the Hartford Family Institute’s professional training program in Body-Centered Gestalt Psychotherapy.

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