119 So You’re Writing a Book

Melanie Gorman • Thursday All Day

Melanie GormanGiven their experiences in the therapeutic trenches, many therapists are bubbling over with compelling ideas for books they long to publish. But how many of them know what it takes to actually write, revise, and publish a book? This workshop will explore the practical aspects of publishing every would-be author needs to know.

So bring your book ideas, and we’ll brainstorm together as we discuss such questions:

  • How can I judge if my book idea isn’t only good, but marketable?
  • How do I write a proposal to send to agents and publishers?
  • Should I consider academic publishing, e-publishing, or self-publishing?
  • How do I go about publicizing the book once it’s published?

Melanie Gorman, MA, is senior vice president of YourTango Experts and a trained therapist and coach who worked with John Gray, author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus for 10 years. YourTango is a media site with over nine million readers each month that bridges the world of pop and traditional psychology.

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