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Ronald Alexander • Thursday All Day

Ronald AlexanderGiven the repetitive wear and tear of clinical practice, we’re all at risk for falling into a rut that dulls us to new possibilities in our life and work. Spend the day developing your Mindstrength—a combined mindfulness and trance practice designed to access, heighten, and harness your creative resources. Learn how to cultivate a greater awareness of your different states of consciousness, and in so doing, enhance your natural curiosity and sharpen your sense of wonder and awe.

Through a variety of exercises, you’ll:

  • Tap into the direct experience of the unconscious through Ericksonian hypnosis
  • Use concentration meditation to learn how to focus your attention on a narrowed field
  • Expand your consciousness by using a mantra and absorption meditation
  • Enhance your ability to work with internal images and more fully embrace your creativity through visualization exercises

Ronald Alexander, PhD, a psychotherapist and international clinical trainer, is the executive director of the OpenMind Training Institute in Santa Monica, California, and the author of Wise Mind, Open Mind.

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