114 The Five Stages of Creativity

Lisa Mitchell • Thursday All Day

Lisa MitchellSpend the day getting lost in the flow of art and the art of therapy. This hands-on workshop will immerse you in easily accessible experiences—including drawing, collage, and mixed media—that emphasize the parallels between therapy and art. You’ll learn how to apply the Five Stages of Creativity to your own projects as well as to your work as a therapist.

You’ll come away with a deeper appreciation of:

  • Incubation — the start of any creative endeavor, which requires anxiety tolerance as you search for an entryway
  • Chaos and Ambiguity — the experience of uncertainty before an artistic project begins to form
  • Diving In — a daily test of courage and faith as you continue to work, even in the absence of a clear direction
  • Flexible Commitment — as you revise and change the form of what you’re creating
  • Flow — the deeply satisfying experience of full, selfless engagement in the creative process itself

Lisa Mitchell, MFT, ATR, a registered art therapist, writes and trains on creativity and therapy. In her private practice, she works with clients and therapists to partner with their creative process.

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