112 A Day of Qigong

Patrick Dougherty • Thursday All Day

Patrick DoughertyQigong, an ancient Chinese mindfulness practice derived from Taoist traditions, is a simple but powerful way of balancing one’s energy to reduce stress, promote good health, slow the aging process, and enhance emotional well-being.
The regular practice of Qigong opens up any blocked energy channels in the body and offers greater engagement and more profound connection with all life.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • The simple movements, visualizations, and breathing exercises of Qigong and how to develop your own daily practice
  • How to use Qigong as an antidote to emotional fatigue, burnout, anxiety, depression, and a range of physical ailments
  • How to enhance your capacity for developing alliances with clients by balancing your own energy and becoming more sensitive when others are out of balance

Patrick Dougherty, MA, LP, a psychologist in private practice for more than 30 years, has been studying Eastern philosophies and practices for 20 years and integrating them into his clinical work. He’s the author of Qigong in Psychotherapy and A Whole-Hearted Embrace: You Can Do So Much by Doing So Little.

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