109 Eating and Awareness

Jean Kristeller • Thursday All Day

Jean KristellerWe all eat mindlessly at times, but bringing a state of mindful awareness to the sensations of hunger, taste, and satisfaction—as well as to the thoughts and feelings associated with eating—can transform our relationship to food and to ourselves. Regardless of whether you continually struggle with your relationship to food or simply wish to enliven your eating experience, this workshop will help you connect more fully both to your “inner gourmet” and your “wise mind” in relation to eating. You’ll practice how to:

  • Explore elements of Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Treatment (MB-EAT), an NIH-supported program that’s helped people struggling with a wide variety of eating issues
  • Bring conscious awareness to eating patterns and how to become more attuned to the joys and satisfactions of eating
  • Master mindful eating techniques that will transform your own experience with food

Jean Kristeller, PhD, is professor emeritus of clinical psychology at Indiana State University and the cofounder of The Center for Mindful Eating, a web-based resource for professionals.

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