108 Walking the Writer’s Path

David Seaburn • Thursday All Day

David SeaburnThink you can write? In this workshop, taught by a therapist who’s also a published novelist, you’ll explore how to draw upon your experience, aptitude, and insight as a clinician to become a better and more imaginative writer. You’ll have a chance to step through various writing exercises and prompts, read your work aloud, and brainstorm with the group about what comes next.

You’ll also:

  • Learn how to employ your sense of empathy and understanding of internal emotional states to create realistic characters
  • Practice writing dialogue that sounds as realistic as the responses you hear in the consulting room
  • Explore which details of appearance, manner, or conversation best capture a character, and how to transform such details into descriptions that immediately dramatize a character’s presence
  • Identify calming techniques to allay anxiety and get comfortable in front of a blank page

David Seaburn, PhD, LMFT, is a writer living near Rochester, New York. His latest novel is Chimney Bluffs. He’s recently completed another novel, More More Time, which will be released soon.

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