102 The Joy of Singing

Ysaye Barnwell • Thursday All Day

Ysaye BarnwellMost of us have few opportunities to experience the sheer joy, power, and inspiration that come from singing and hearing our voice blend with those around us. This workshop is a chance for your heart, mind, and body to fully come alive.
Led by a former member of the groundbreaking African American female singing ensemble Sweet Honey in the Rock, you’ll have an opportunity to raise your voice in a celebration of life and song.

Whether you have any previous experience in choral singing, you’ll:

• Discover the pleasure of singing chants, spirituals, gospel music, and protest songs
• Undergo the transformation in mind and body that comes with giving yourself over to song
• Feel the distinctive resonance of a variety of musical traditions
• Experience the exhilarating emotional power of being part of a vocal community

Ysaye Barnwell, PhD, MSPH, is a singer, composer, author, and actress. She uses oral tradition, an African worldview, and African American history, values, and vocal traditions to build communities of song among singers and nonsingers alike.

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