Rich SimonDespite our unending love affair with our digital devices, we still crave face-to-face connection with other people who share our interests, attitudes, and aspirations. The great paradox of our profession is that even as we devote ourselves to understanding the importance of connection, we therapists too often find ourselves isolated in our practices, cut off from regular sources of renewal and inspiration.

For more than three decades, the Networker Symposium has been celebrated as something much more than a professional conference. Nowhere else will you find a gathering with more range and excitement, with more chances to meet other kindred spirits who understand the daily challenges of your work—people who get the same jokes and grouse about the same gripes, who are seeking the answers to the same questions, who, somehow, seem to belong to the same tribe. So welcome to the 2013 Networker Symposium, psychotherapy’s most enlivening tribal gathering.

At this year’s Symposium, The Therapist’s Craft: Healing Connection in a Digital World, we’ll explore the latest advances in identifying the pivotal skills that set the master practitioners in our field apart from the rest of us and—perhaps even more important—provide a clear road map of how we can get there ourselves. Here’s your chance to deepen your grasp of the complex craft of psychotherapy and learn how you can continue to enhance your sense of expertise and fulfillment over the course of your career. With our faculty of more than 100 of the field’s most respected teachers and innovators, as well as colleagues from around the world, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in a learning community that will enable you to get a fuller vision of the therapist you wish to be.

So join us for the therapy world’s largest relationship craft fair—there’s nothing like a gathering of 3,500 of the most inquiring and creative members in our professional tribe to bring out the master craftsperson within each of us.

Rich Simon
Rich Simon
Editor, Psychotherapy Networker

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